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How Do You Handle Out-Of-Pocket Expenses For Personal Assistant?

I am a personal assistant and offer concierge type of duties. It is best to provide some "petty" cash, I recommend $100. Also, have them sign up for a service like PayPal or Venmo (*preferred) and pay them after a receipt is submitted the same day. As long as you... more

Having Trouble Finding Someone!

Ask for only local candidates that can provide references right away. This should solve that problem. If they cannot provide references, move on.

What Is The Difference In Light And Deep Cleaning? I Have 5 Kids And 1 On The Way So, To Me All Cleaning Is Deep!

Light cleaning is a quick spray and wipe of services, quick look around to see what is out of place and putting it back in place, quick vacuum. Deep cleaning is scrubbing, involves more work, more time. Usually it involves washing out and disinfecting rooms with tougher chemicals, spending more... more

Posting A Job. I Get Many Replies But When I Replied Back To Set Up A Interview It Takes 24 To 48 Hrs Before I Hear From Somebody. I Guess Only A Few People Have Cell Phones Where They Can Take A Few Minutes To Said Yes Or No .

Please specify that they should be responsive within a certain time as your need is urgent. Also, specify that you will contact them right away if it is a good fit and look forward to connecting.