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Can You Ask For A Back Ground Check On Anyone You Employ To Come An Help With An Elderly Parent?

Yes. If you are going to employee someone you have the complete right to ask them to run a background check. You will obviously need their permission and it is up to you if you want to pay for the test or if you want them to have to pay... more

When Do You Know It’s Time To Get Help Taking Care Of An Elderly Parent?

Yes. Taking care of family (parents/people with disabilities/special needs/even difficult kids) can cause something called health care provider strain or health care provider fatigue. We all know that as much as we love our said parents or loved ones that the day to day activities and needs... more

What Questions To Ask When Hiring Senior Care Giver?

I would give them a scenario and see how they can critically think through an emergent or problematic situation. (ie, What would you do in the situation that my father with dementia became combative? What actions would you take if my mother fell in the shower? Down the stairs? ect)

Why Do Some Manypcas Set Up Interviews And Not Bother To Show Up Or Even Call To Cancel?

My answer to that would be that they are unprofessional and that you would not want to employee them to begin with. Not all personal care assistance are created equal and take their job seriously. It's unfortunate, but true.

My Brother Is Paying A Senior Home Aide And His Friends $22,000 Per Month Of My Parents' Money

I feel that it is completely appropriate to contact APS. If anything they will do an assessment and look into the case. I know that you mentioned your parents are in cognitive decline, not sure if that means that they are no longer safe to make decisions for themselves or... more