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The 5 Best Spanish Classes For Chicago Kids

Niños say “¡Hola!” to new skills at these language schools around Chicago. We all know the value of learning a second language. It can help children’s brains develop, help them do better in school, and help them become more interested in the world and other cultures. A new language... more

The Top 5 Places To Host A Kids’ Tea Party In Chicago

Raise a teacup (and your pinkies) at these top spots. Even with all the ninja parties, trampoline park bashes, and rock star celebrations your child might be invited to these days, for some kids, you still can’t beat a traditional tea party. What’s not to love about the chance to... more

10 Great Chicago Studios For Kids Dance Classes

Twirl, shimmy, or cha-cha your child to these standout local studios. All parents know that kids love to dance. Many bob and sway to music before they can even walk. When it’s time to channel that natural talent into something a little more formal than kitchen dance parties, Chicago’s dance... more

Chicago's Top 5 Historic Sites To Visit With The Kids

Educate your family in the Windy City’s storied past at these landmarks and attractions. The City of the Big Shoulders. The Windy City. Chi-Town. Whatever you call it, Chicago has a long and colorful history. This city has seen some big moments, from its beginnings as a trading post and... more

10 Chicago Food Trucks To Visit With The Kids

Shake up your eating out routine and chase down one of these great food trucks. Kids and restaurants don’t always mix. Between policing public table manners, juggling high chairs, and defusing tantrums, a meal out with the family can sometimes feel like more work than firing up the oven in your... more

5 Places In Chicago To Throw A Kids' Paint Party

Celebrate your budding Kahlo or Kandinsky at these local art studios. We all love seeing our kids get creative and watching them really dive into an art project. But it’s hard not to cringe when you see the paint splatter and the brushes being ditched for fingers at the kitchen... more

The 10 Best Donut Shops For Chicago Families

Try these top spots to get your fried dough fix! Chicago truly is a doughnut town! The Windy City serves up some of the best raised, cake, and frosted rings in the country. The explosion of local, creative doughnut shops in the last few years is great news for the... more

5 Of Chicago's Best Studios For Baby Yoga

Get centered with your baby in tow at these parent-child classes in the Chicago area. Practicing the happy baby pose can make you more flexible, relieve stress and solve lower back problems. But imagine how many more benefits you’d get if you have your own happy baby next to you... more