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How Do I Know When A Tutor As Accepted My Request To Book Them ?.

They should have responded to you with a a simple thank you or telling you i will be seeing you on X date. At least thats what i do with my clients on here

Advice For Teaching Children With Adhd

I normally would tutor children with calming music or music that they enjoy, this helps engage the child to stay focused on school work

How Can I Choose A Tutor Who Is A Good Fit For My Son?

when looking for a tutor look for 1) Experience 2) Subjects in which you are looking for 3) Min Pay rate 4) Interview the person to see the persons charecter

How Do I Know If It's Worth It To Keep Going With My Child's Tutoring?

best way is to test the child in certain criteria you would have liked to see if any improvement has been established. Of course, child all have different rates of accelerated growth, just because the child is not improving at an exponential rate as you would desire sometimes is not... more

How Much Does Tutoring Actually Help With Preparing For The Sat? Is It Worth The Money?

it will help if she is profcient in the Math Subjects that the SAT Provides, if she is not proficient in them and or never seen that math than in that case hiring a tutor would be a waste of money

Could A Tutor Help My Homeschooled Child?

It could help your child as different perspectives in teachings can always help a child develop. Make sure that the tutor is proficient in the Age Group Materials your child needs to learn, especially when it comes to mathematics as it will help build a learning base for his future... more

I Started Com 101 Course Any Advice I Get Nervous Talking In Front Of People

I was the same when i took the course. I have been shy for all my life but i had to keep telling myself if i can never face this fear than it will forever haunt me. I would practice in front of the mirror or recording yourself and rewatching... more