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Does Anyone Know If Personal Care Includes Cutting Hair?

I cut my clients hair and shave as needed...

Is It Selfish To Send My Mother To Stay With My Sister?

No, it is a TOTAL family responsibility to care for a loved one. Providing she has the room to accommodate. It will give you a break, and give your Sister quality time with Mom.

Advice On Hiring 24 Hour Care -

Many quality individuals will help with 24 hour care, but I feel splitting it up with 2 people(2 shifts ) is best. I would be happy to help. Alan

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Live-In Care Vs. Assisted Living?

Staying at Her home will make her feel more comfortable. Although many Assisted Living facilities are very good. You have to visit them, and do your homework.

My Daddy Has Early Dementia And His Health Is Failing! We Have Inhouse Care For Him Right Now But Not Sure How Long That Will Last. My Question

Its a very difficult decision, I for one would never put my loved one in a Nursing Home,the quality of care is normally poor and Dad will feel lost !

How Can I Talk To My Mother About Down Sizing?

Open conversation from the heart...Remember her home holds a lot of memories to her.

How Can I Help My Mother Decide Which Things She Can Get Rid Of?

They say if you haven't worn something in six months, its time to get rid of it. But, keep in mind some items hold a special place in her heart and should be kept.