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What Qualities Do You Look For In An Assisted Living Center?

cleanliness, spacious bedroom, excellent laundry services and healthy meal preparation.

What Types Of Foods Are Best For A Sensitive Stomach?

Non spicy greasy foods are out of the question. Mother needs good healthy soups steamed veggies and supplement with Boost or Ensure products.

What Day Of The Week Is The Least Busiest Time To Travel?

WENESDAYS are mostly skimpy and the lines tend to be very short.

How Do You Find Balance Caring For An Elderly Parent?

You need to hire a companion at least for 4 hours per day. STOP CREATING ILL THOUGHTS AND STRESS FOR YOURSELF!

Should I Hire A House Cleaner To Help My Mother?

Tell mommy that you love her very much and that you thank her for everything that she has done for you. Kiss her and hold her hand and say mom you deserve the best of everything.

How Do You Sent Up A Schedule For Caring For An Elderly Parent?

Honesty is the rule for this situation. Everyone has to create their own schedule for their personal care time for mommy.

Should I Fly With My Mother Out To My Sister’s House?

Why not enjoy the flight with your Mother?