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What Are Other Care Providers In The Area Charging Per Hour For Special Needs Children?

I am a mother of four children who are already grownups with the youngest being 23 years old and attending Montgomery college Germantown, Maryland. My first son has three children. The last two are twins (a boy and girl). I have been taking care of these children right from birth... more

Am I Being Paid Enough?

Stay there and have your peace of mind. Sometimes a quest for too much may be dangerous to handle.

Should I Charge More For My Babysitting Job?

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. You have already created a good relationship with the family. Just persevere and stay with them for now because you can never know. When she realizes that you are a good person to deal with she may change her mind... more

Transportation Required

This means you should have a car to take you to work and also to drop and pick up the kids to and from school and sometimes take them to the park or nearby shopping centers for sight seeing and relaxation.

How Do You Leave A Live-In Position Gracefully When Your Reason For Leaving Is Pay-Related?

I will politely tell them that I have an opportunity with another company and would like to move there because their conditions a more favorable to me and that they should pay me for the days I worked for them. This may enable me to have some peace of mind.

How Do I Book A Job

You request for it by filling an application and sending it to the employer.

Do You Have Night Nannies ?

Of course yes. Many of them are around. They may even work as live in if desired.