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Do You Prefer Tutors Who Specialize In One Subject Or One Who Can Teach Multiple Subjects?

If you can find one tutor is comfortable with all subjects, this may be better because she only has to become familiar with one person. That said, it can be difficult to find a tutor that is comfortable with every subject. A compromise might be having a tutor for science... more

Can A Tutor Help My 2nd Grader With Reading?

This is absolutely something a tutor can help with. Just make sure to hire one who is comfortable both with the English language as well as children that age.

How Can I Help My Teenager Feel Better About The Idea Of Being Tutored?

Asking him to try just one session without any commitment to continuing might help. If he likes it and think it helps, then he can continue. If he doesn't, then he can go back to studying on his own. It might also be helpful to get a tutor with... more

Wouldnt It Be Easier To Tutor A Kid If You Just Went Through The Classes They Are Now?

Depends. While the information would be fresh in your head if you had just completed the classes, experience with the subject can overrule this. An experienced tutor will be super familiar with the material because they've gone over it so many times. They will also recognize the common mistakes... more

Should I Have The Same Tutor For My Two Children?

Many tutors can be proficient in both these subjects and age groups. It would require some inquiries on your part, though. Ask the tutor about the specific subjects (such as pre- algebra, 6th grade math, chemistry, middle school science, etc) and make sure they're comfortable with both beforehand. It... more

Can Hiring A Tutor Help My Child Stop Procrastinating?

Hiring a tutor can definitely help because having someone other than a parent to hold them accountable might encourage more cooperation. Some kids would rather just get the homework done than sit awkwardly with a tutor refusing to do it. It would also depend on the personality of the tutor... more

Can I Cut My Cat's Nails?

It depends on the cat's temperament and your own comfort. Holding a pet still against their will is often very difficult for their owners because of emotional reactions. It can also be dangerous to clip your pets' nails yourself because you run the risk of cutting them too short... more

Do Kids Need To Be On An Exercise Schedule?

Children are supposed to get at least sixty minutes of exercise a day. If you've tried sports before, and they really don't like them, pushing a sport probably isn't the best idea. In my personal opinion, having an active pet seems the best way to interest your... more