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Wendy Wisner

Little Neck, NY

I’m Wendy, freelance writer and mom of two awesome boys.

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If You’re The Parent Of A Colicky Baby, Yes, You Need Extra Support

Jenna Fletcher’s now-3-month-old son was diagnosed with colic at 8 weeks old. “I already was dealing with postpartum depression after a really traumatic birth, but hands down, colic made it worse,” Fletcher says. The mom of two from Philadelphia describes the times that her son cried as among the... more

5 Ways Breastfeeding Moms And Their Caregivers Can Work Together For Baby

If you’re a breastfeeding mom heading back to work or on an extended trip, you likely have one big concern: How will my baby transition from breast to bottle? It’s totally natural for nursing moms and their infant’s caregivers to have jitters going into a caregiving situation where the caregiver... more

Self-Regulation: The Most Important Skill Your Child Should Master Before Kindergarten

Want to make sure your child succeeds in kindergarten? Teaching her self-regulation now might be the very ticket to success.When we're getting our little ones to enter formal schooling, all we can really think about is how much we want for them to be confident, happy and successful.Easier... more

5 Reasons For Why Your Child Hates Writing Assignments -- And How To Solve Them

All it takes is a little creativity, patience and a whole lot of practice.As a former college English instructor and a writing tutor, I've seen it all in terms reluctant writers. From “my mom thought it was junk mail and put my essay in the paper shredder," to the... more

Parents, Stop Doing Your Child's Homework For Them

You know those young co-workers who need to much hand-holding? Well, you're raising one.We all want our children to do well in school. We hope that their infinite potential will shine through, and that they will be prepared to be successful, thriving adults. For many of us, this... more

A Lazy Mom's Guide To Potty Training (That Actually Works!)

The most effective potty training technique might just be one that lets your toddler call all the shots. Here's how.     Let's be honest: potty training is one of the more unpleasant aspects of child-rearing.  And all those unrealistic "potty bootcamp" gimmicks aren't helping things... more

Letting Go: How My Son Taught Me To Cope With Panic Disorder

This is how I learned to control my panic attacks by just letting go. "Mommy's not feeling well," I tell my 3-year-old son. "Mommy needs to sit down for a sec." I'm on the edge of the bed, trying to gain my composure. Sweat's pouring down my... more

Car Seats: How Long Your Child Needs One And More Car Safety Guidelines

Motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death among kids in the U.S., according to the CDC. While this is an alarming fact, the good news is that child restraints can reduce injuries and fatalities by more than 70 percent, says the Academy of American Pediatrics (AAP). So... more