Wendy Sachs's Activity

A Conversation With Military Mom Christina Piper

As part of our mission to serve military families and share their stories, Care.com's Editor in Chief, Wendy Sachs, spoke with Christina Piper, co-author of military-blog Her War Her Voice and mom of a 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son, just days before moving her family from the middle of... more

A Surprising Homecoming: My Parents Need Care

When Lisa Winstel went home for the holidays to visit her in-laws, then in their late 70s several Thanksgivings ago, some warning bells went off:  Expired milk in the refrigerator.  Leftovers that looked like science projects growing mold.  Aerosol cans resting on a stove with a pilot... more

A Holiday Bonus Guide For Your Caregivers

Even in a down economy, it's important to tip your family caretakers. Here's a guide on how much to give. When it comes to showing the love to those who love your kids, your pets, or your aging parents, don't be a Scrooge. Even in a challenging... more

Survey: Cyberbullying Is Parents' #1 Fear

   Whom do parents fear more, "Stranger Danger" or a Facebook friend?  According to a national survey commissioned by Care.com, bullying and cyberbullying have eclipsed kidnapping as parents' greatest fear. Nearly one in three parents of children ages 12-17 agree that bullying is a more serious concern than other... more

Nannyquette 101: Rules Of Engagement

How nannies and families and communicate. The Interview Parents: During the interview process make sure you are clear on what your needs are and what the responsibilities of the nanny/sitter entail. If your nanny will be asked to wash windows, walk the dog, or tutor the kids in algebra... more