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Becoming A Cat Person: 5 Cat Owners Share Their Stories

Whether it was love at first sight or unexpected adoption, these five cat tales of love will warm your heart.Cats tend to be finicky animals by nature. When you become a cat owner, you're initially agreeing to a sort of cat contract. You agree to provide food, shelter... more

Dogs In Christmas Outfits

What's cuter than a dog in a Christmas outfit? Check out the festive doggy roundup here!What is it about dressed-up dogs -- especially dogs in Christmas outfits -- that we find irresistible? Is it the way clothes make them look like tiny, furry people? Or maybe it's because, oftentimes... more

7 Different Types Of Dog People

What type of dog owner are you? Here are 7 categories that you may fall into.People always talk about the "crazy cat lady," but one could argue that dog people are equally obsessed with their pets. From the dog owner who coordinates outfits with her pet to the one... more

The Best Birthday Party Helper: 15 Ways Your Sitter Can Save The Day

Are you planning the birthday party of the century? Here are 15 ways your sitter can help out! With each passing year, kids' birthday parties are getting bigger and more elaborate. Gone are the simple parties that consisted of inviting three friends over for pizza and cake. Nowadays, kids have... more

17 Tips For Living With A Blind Dog

Learn how to keep Fido safe and happy in your home, whether he was born blind or recently lost his vision. The idea of caring for a blind dog may seem intimidating at first. You may fear she'll need constant care and have a low quality of life. Luckily... more

Pneumonia In Dogs -- What You Should Know

How to recognize and care for pneumonia in your sick pup. If you've noticed your dog doesn't have much spunk in his step, is losing weight or has been coughing, he might have pneumonia. While the condition is treatable, you don't want to waste time before getting... more

17 Diy Dog Toys: How To Make Fun, Safe Toys From Things In Your House

Why spend tons of money on expensive dog toys when you can upcycle items from around your home?Does it seem like dog toys come into your house for the sole purpose of being destroyed? Can your pup rip the squeaker out of a stuffed duck in 30 seconds flat... more

Diy Cat Toys: 20 Fun And Easy Toys For Your Cats

Check out these DIY cat toys that are sure to be a hit for the cats in your home.Have you ever come home from the store with a brand new cat toy, only to have your cat be more interested in the packaging it came in? Cats can make... more