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How Do You Make Bed Time Quality Time?

Assuming the general bed time is 8:30PM, ask each child to be in his/her room by 8PM. Once they settle down, proceed into each of their rooms- starting with the youngest-for a little one-on-one. If the kids share a room, you can ask them to come one-by-one to... more

Real Talk With Nannies: My Tips On Taking Charge Of Your Caregiving Career recently posted the question “What advice would you give a caregiver just starting out?”  Here are some tips I have for someone who is just starting out or even someone who has been a Nanny for years: KNOW YOUR WORTH: You will meet prospective employers/clients who... more

How To Find Caregivers Who Can Help Manage A Child With Diabetes?

Hi Melissa, Have you tried posting flyers on local boards found in places like library, pizzeria, grocery store, etc.? These places tend to be frequented by a diverse group of people and they also tend to be popular spots for college students and caregivers. So, it's likely that someone... more

What Advice Would You Give To A New Caregiver Who Is Just Starting Out?

KNOW YOUR WORTH: You will meet prospective employers/clients who think you don’t deserve what you charge. That’s their prerogative. Know your worth and assert it. CONTRACT IS YOUR FRIEND: A lot of headaches can be avoided with this underrated piece of paper. Aside from obvious benefits such as legal... more

To Pay Sitter

That's very unprofessional and sad! Have you had a discussion with her to address your concerns? If not, I think that's the first course of action. You ought to let her know how you feel because her behavior was unacceptable. Furthermore, maybe you should ask her why she... more

Non-Hosting Family, How Do You Split The Nanny Costs? 50/50 Or 60/40?

To address the first part of your inquiry, I believe the host family has more expenses because it's very likely that all the kids will eat the snacks in their home at some point (even if they bring their own), use their supplies (such as arts and crafts) and... more

I Was Messaged About A Pet Sitting Job That Would Be 5 Days A Week For 400$ A Week We Messaged Back And Forth And She Answered My Questions And Gave Me Her Address Where She Will Be Moveing In A Few Weeks But Im Worried Its To Good To Be True Is It A Scam

RUN! No sensible employer or sensible person for that matter will send money (be it cash, check, transfer, etc.) to a stranger. Ask yourself, why will she send you pay for work you haven't even done? That alone should make you clutch your pearls! Also, if she needed pet... more

What Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of A Nanny Share Compared To Other Options?

PROS: NANNY SHARE 1. It's cheaper for the parents and more money for the nanny. To illustrate, if the nanny you hire charges $20/hour and you want to nanny-share with one other family, each family will pay the nanny $15/hour. In turn, the nanny will earn $30... more