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The Cost Of Child Care Survey: 2014 Report

In the first annual Cost of Care report, reveals just how surprised families are by the high cost of child care, what their care options are, and how to both budget and save. $245,340. That's how much you'll spend on your child from birth to... more

The 2015 Babysitter Survey Results released the latest results of its Babysitter Survey to determine the trends in babysitter pay and hiring.  The average babysitting rate is about $15.02 per hour, as of's 2015 Cost of Care data. But that rate varies widely depending on a number of factors. How can... more

10 Things Parents Can Learn From Nannies

Advice for parents from veteran nannies. After years of practice, nannies become experts at child care. Not only do they learn the basics of what kids are going to be willing (or not) to eat, but also the nuances of how to establish positive behavioral patterns, like manners and routines... more

7 Fun Games And Activities For 10-Year-Olds

The big double digits… who could forget the pride they felt when they turned 10? Age 10 is a big time in your kid’s life, so prepared to help them make the most of it. When it comes to ideal games for your 10-year-old, remember that companionship is a big... more

7 Fun Games And Activities For 9-Year-Olds

Kids love to play, but not every game is a good fit for every age group. Deciding which games are right for your fast-growing child is a critical component of parenthood. How else will you know what game to buy for your kids birthday? (Kidding!) Age 9 is a period... more

7 Fun Games And Activities For 4-Year-Olds

So much changes during early childhood that it can be dizzying for parents to keep up with what activities make sense at each stage. Cognitive and motor skills develop rapidly among 4-year-olds. Their focus also improves, especially when they’re engaged in tasks that interest them. Children also develop stronger problem-solving... more

5 Things To Look For In A Parenting Class

Want to go to a parenting class? Here are key things to keep in mind.Despite volumes of parenting books, no child arrives with an instruction manual. Parenting classes can help fill that gap. They teach parents about the key phases in childhood development and provide skills for how to... more

7 Things Au Pairs Should Never Do

What not to do when you're an au pair. The role of an au pair can sometimes be complex and challenging. But the rewards of this line of work can quickly evaporate when caution and care aren’t exercised. Keep reading to learn more about what to avoid to become... more