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Babysitter Pay Rates: What's The Going Rate For A Babysitter?

According to’s 2020 Cost of Care Survey, which used payment data from over 3,800 parents across the country, they paid after-school sitters an average of $243 per week. After-school sitters made an average of $16.20 per hour, working about three hours a day, or a total of 15... more

How To Hire A Sitter For New Year's Eve

The year is almost over and you're ready to celebrate with your partner and friends. But ... what to do with the kids? You've brought them to parties in the past, but then spent most of your time keeping an eye on them. You've stayed home with them... more

What Is A Babysitter?

From babysitters to  live-in nannies to  mother's helpers , there are endless types of care providers who are available to parents. So much so, in fact, that it can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming for families who are looking for care — and even for caregivers looking for jobs. In... more

Want To Hire An Au Pair? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions First

Heard of au pairs but not quite sure what hiring one entails — or even if it's the right child care solution for your family? Indeed, au pairs are a great option those in need of in-home child care for their kids. But they're a bigger commitment than hiring babysitters or nannies, largely... more

11 Things To Bring On A Nanny Interview

It can take some work to find a nanny job that meets your qualifications. But once a family is interested in you and you start the interview process, it's important to make a good impression when you finally meet the parents in person. Although an interview for a new... more

7 Resume Mistakes Nannies Make

When you're a caregiver, watch out for these common pitfalls before sending out your resume. When you apply to jobs, families often ask you to bring a resume on your interview. Getting that resume right can mean the difference between getting a job or getting tossed into the recycling... more