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7 Questions To Ask On Your Interview

The interview is an important step in the hiring processes. The family is asking your questions but you also need to ask a few questions to see if this job is going to be a good fit for you.  Asking the family questions shows that you are engaged, paying... more

3 Ways To Do Date Night At Home

After a long day at work you may not want to go out or have a babysitter for the kids.    Who says you have to go out to have a date night?  There are plenty of ways to reconnect at home and have a great time with... more

Chores 101

So let’s talk chores and housework.  Even young children can help out with chores around the house, it teaches responsibility and shows them how important it is for everyone to contribute.  Be patient, the first few times you may have to help your child and show them how... more


The super bowl is right around the corner so let’s get ready!  Here are some ideas for a kid-friendly super bowl that is sure to be a hit! Pre-game Warmup Here are some crafts the kids can do with the babysitter or nanny to get amped up for the... more

Toddlers & Discipline...

So how much does your toddler really understand when you say ‘no-no.’   Can you discipline a toddler?  Well, in a way.  Let’s go over a few tips that may make things easier.   Connect Before You Correct Go to her when you're calm and make a... more

A Word About Winter Driving

If your nanny drives your children especially during the winter, make sure that she is an experienced driver. A good rule of thumb is always to be better safe than sorry.   If the weather is bad, don’t risk going out.  If your sitter is a teenager or young adult... more

Profile Photo Do's And Don'ts

We all know the miracles of what a profile photo can do.  The perfect photo draws families in and lets them know that you are serious about your career and you would be a great candidate to follow up with.  On the other hand, a not so perfect... more

Snowflake Stamps!

Even if it doesn’t snow where you live, you can make beautiful snowflakes stamps using just a few ingredients.   So let’s do it! Here’s what you’ll need. Pipe cleaners Blue Paint (or any color you’d like) Paper Bowl Twist a couple of pipe cleaners into a snowflake shape with... more