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Why Paid Time Off Matters To Your Caregiver

As a caregiver, stress comes with the territory. From child care to elder care, these professions are both physically and emotionally taxing. This demanding job, like any other, should come with down time to recharge. Caregivers (and the families they work for) benefit greatly when paid time off (PTO) is... more

Why The Fair Care Pledge Matters

Learn why you should join us and take the pledge to value, professionalize and respect the people who care for our children, loved ones and our homes.  We want what’s best for our children. We take pride in taking care of our homes. And we respect our elders. We work... more

Why Fair Pay Matters To Your Caregiver

What do grocery store baggers and golf caddies have in common? Other than having to do some heavy lifting both of these professions, on average, make more money than caregivers. There’s no question that childcare is expensive. Yet, a fair wage for your caregiver is one of the most important... more

20 Things A Fair Care Employment Relationship Should Have

In any relationship, there are some things you just can’t go without. In a domestic employment relationship, the Fair Care Pledge spells out the essential ingredients: fair pay, clear expectations and paid time off. Pretty obvious, right? After all, these are basic fundamental elements that any employment relationship should have... more

Fair Care Means Thinking Ahead

The three components of the Fair Care Pledge may be a commitment to Fair Pay, Clear Expectations, and Paid Time Off, but thinking ahead is the most important tool in your employer toolkit.Of course, the moments when we need care the most are often the ones when we feel... more

Fair Care Pledge Building On Successful First Year

Nearly 150,000 families have joined, NDWA and Hand in Hand to give caregivers the support, resources and respect they need and deserve.  It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since, the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance and Hand in Hand launched the Fair Care Pledge... more