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Removing Splinters From Your Child: How To Do It Correctly

Before you take out the tweezers, here are a few things to consider when removing splinters from your child.Like dealing with stuffy noses and loose teeth, removing splinters is a skill every parent must master. Children are especially susceptible to splinters since they spend so much time playing outdoors... more

Spanish Games For Kids: Fun For The Whole Family

These Spanish games for kids will make learning fun for everyone in the family.There are so many Spanish games for kids, it's hard to choose which are the best for your children. Start with considering your child's needs and your family dynamic. Are you fluent in Spanish... more

Planning Your Kids' Party Food? Here's What You Need To Know

From choosing a theme to including children with food allergies, planning kids' party food doesn't have to be a chore.     You're planning your kid's birthday party, and you have every detail ironed out -- that is, except the food. Where do you start? What do you... more

4 Healthy Potluck Recipes That Will Make You The Hit Of The Party!

Cooking for a potluck doesn't have to be unhealthy or complicated. Here are 4 healthy, delicious recipes to get you started.     You've been asked to bring food for a potluck that is healthy and satisfies both children and adults -- no problem, right? Instead of loading the... more

Language Development Milestones For 2-Year-Olds

Your babbling baby is turning into a talking toddler. Here's the language milestones to look out for at age 2.   Even when you're not sure what your 2-year-old is saying, do you nod along and do your best? That's a great way to help her learn... more