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Special Needs Travel Safety

Traveling safely with a child with severe special needs Traveling with a child with special needs often brings special challenges to caregivers and parents. But, a little extra preparation can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip that's stress-free. Dr. John Neff, founder of the Center for Children with Special... more

To Groom Or Not To Groom -- It Is Not A Question

All about the need for regularly bathing, brushing, clipping, and trimming your pet In May of this year, my wife had to put our elderly cat to sleep. This cat became a fixture in my wife's life 10 years before I did so her grief was considerable. One of... more

How To Protect Your Pet From Fleas And Ticks

How you can keep your dog and cat safe. Where fleas and ticks are concerned an ounce of prevention is worth about 16 tons of cure. Scary yet impressive flea facts Flea larvae can stay alive indoors in a semi-dormant state throughout the coldest months. Preventing fleas from entering your... more

Clean Your Kitchen The Smart Way

Tips for cleaning your kitchen clutter one step at a time.     Keeping a kitchen clean is about staying on top of the situation, rather than letting yourself get crushed under a huge pile of dirty dishes. Start with the Sink If you or the house owner has let... more

Teaching Your Kids About Alzheimer's

Using music and memories to help connect     In one of my many pre-journalistic lives, I was an activities director at a nursing home. Most of the residents with whom I worked were struggling with some form of mental deterioration. Visits from family members were often difficult: adult children... more

Kitten Care Stages: Newborn To 72 Weeks

All about caring for your cat.     Kittens grow, develop and mature at an eye-popping (and, occasionally, ear-splitting) rate. At times, the changes can be seen from day to day, not just from week to week. Newborn kittens look about as much like full-grown cats as tadpoles look like... more

Classes For Kids

Popular extracurricular classes for your child According to Laura Payne, assistant professor of Leisure Studies at the University of Illinois, classes that address deficits in the everyday school system and limitations in the households of working parents such as cooking, art, theater, nature related, and classes that make exercise fun... more

Hobbies For Kids

Find a hobby or craft for your childThe good news is that kids aren't just glued to computers all day! They're getting back to nature, according to Laura Payne, Assistant Professor of Leisure Studies at the University of Illinois. Payne says hobbies that bring kids into the great... more