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101 Newborn Activities For Parents And Their Bundles Of Joy

The first few months of a newborn's life might make parents feel like they're stuck on a hamster wheel. Feed. Change diaper. Sleep (for the newborn). Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It'll definitely leave you searching for ways to fill the time.  This change in lifestyle might have... more

Preventing And Treating Cat Bites

Educate yourself about the signs that lead up to cat bites and what to do if a bite occurs. As you already know, cats make fantastic furst friends for children. But it's important to remember that cats are still animals, and no matter how much their owners love them... more

Do Dogs Have Taste Buds?

Dogs and humans both love to sink their teeth into a delicious meal. So do dogs have taste buds? They must if they love to eat so much! There's an old adage that a dog sees the world through his nose. You might also believe he sees it through... more

Your Kids Will Never Understand These 25 Blasts From Your Past

Harken back to your youth when these 25 gems were the norm. Kids today -- they'll never understand!Part of parenthood is making reference to some object or experience from your younger years that draws a blank stare from your children (or worse, an eye roll). And despite kids thinking... more

10 Dogs With The Best Temperament For Families

The kids have been asking for a dog for some time now, so you and your spouse have finally caved. What type of dog should you get? These 10 all have great temperaments and will be a welcome addition to your home.All kinds of families enjoy life with a... more

Working Dad 101: A Handy Guide To Parenting

Fatherhood is a life-changing event. Here are some tips for the working dad from working-dads-in-the-know to help you navigate the choppy waters while helping you maintain your sanity.With all due respect to the Peace Corps, parenting is arguably the toughest job you'll ever love. One of the biggest... more