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21 New Baby Powder Uses

Learn a variety of baby powder uses you never knew about, great for small fixes everywhere in your home.Baby powder. The words likely make you inhale, conjuring its fresh smell, but did you know that the sweet-smelling white substance offers many benefits to your home? This do-it-all product is... more

Coming Clean On Washing Baby Clothes

You'll be spending a lot of time washing baby clothes. Do you need special detergent? Here's what you need to know about how to wash baby clothes and take care of an infant's sensitive skin.You finally have your sweet new baby. Wow, how tiny! But that... more

30 Gluten-Free Recipes For Kids To Make

Does your gluten-sensitive kid want to get cooking in the kitchen? You'll find loads of gluten-free recipe for kids to make here.     Cooking gluten free is difficult enough on its own. So what happens when your child wants to cook up their own meals? Don't panic... more

Thumb-Sucking: How Can I Get My Child To Stop?

Thumb-sucking may be a soothing tactic for kids, but it can also damage their teeth. Find out why kids suck their thumbs and how to put an end to it.     Your 8-month-old sucks his thumb like it's a lollipop. It's cute, but you're envisioning footing... more