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Samantha Johnson

Waltham, MA

Author, proofreader, farm girl. Loves Mondays, to-do lists, ponies, Corgis, gardening, and the Oxford comma. #ISFJ. (Inexplicably tweets fre

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Dog Grooming 101: How To Give Your Dog A Bath In 5 Easy Steps

If you've got a dirty dog, don't despair! Here's an easy way to bathe your dog -- and actually enjoy the process. Is your usually charming canine looking (or, um, smelling) less-than-charming? Has he had an encounter with a troublesome mud puddle? Are you trying to wage war... more

The 8 Types Of People You'll See At Your Next Family Reunion

Family reunions are funnier than you think. And here are the people who make that possible.Summer means picnics, sunshine and -- yes -- family reunions. While quality kin time is lovely, let's be real: we REALLY go to watch all the hilarity that ensues when you get a bunch of... more

8 Mother Goose Rhymes That Make You Go "huh?!"

We don't mean to #MomShame Mother Goose, but here's a closer look at what your favorite tales are really about. Who even was the "Mother of All Rhymes," anyway?     Everybody loves a good Mother Goose rhyme. There's just something magically right about these charming little... more

How To Get Poop Out Of Everything

You've got baby or dog poop on your favorite couch, shirt, rug -- anything and everything. Is it ruined? No. Here's your poop cleaning guide. This is one of those things you never expected to Google: "How to remove poop from ____[fill in the blank]___." That's... more

The Happiest Baby On The Block Explained In 500 Words

A quick guide to a calm, happy baby, thanks to the wisdom of Dr. Harvey Karp.If you're a parent, you probably have a pile of books on your nightstand. Books you've read and loved, books you feel like you should read, and books that you wish you had time to read. And if you're the parent of a... more