Ronnie Friedland's Activity

Creating A Toxin-Free Home

Most of us, unless we have severe allergies or sensitivities to chemicals, may not be aware of all the chemicals that surround us in our homes.But whether or not we know it, toxins -- substances that are poisonous or harmful to the body -- are everywhere, from the polyurethane we use... more

Medicare And Post-Hospital Care

Coverage limitations and eligibility requirements.Eligibility Requirements for Medicare-Funded Post-Hospital ServicesWhen Rosanne Iacarella, RN Case Manager at Newton Wellesley Hospital in Massachusetts, is asked what patients and their families don't know about post-hospital care, she replies that eligibility for Medicare funding of skilled nursing care only begins if a... more

Creating A Toxin-Free Diet

Which fruits and vegetables do you need to buy organic?     With all the information on the web and in the news about organic foods, how should we choose which foods to buy organic and which not to -- especially if we need to prioritize our grocery lists? According to... more

Shifting Balance Of Care: Handling Sudden Changes

How to prepare for and handle unexpected shifts in your parents' situation.     When Ellen Grey's parents, both 80 plus, recently moved out of their home and into an over-55 residence, the whole family felt they had come to a collective decision that would keep Sally and Matthew... more

Seniors And Social Life

Where and how to find friends. Where a senior resides, the organizations a senior belongs to, and the activities she participates in can determine whether she is socially isolated or enjoys an active social life. Consider these social options: Retirement communities--Seniors who live in retirement communities can participate in a... more

Help For Families With Special Needs

An interview with Louise Bruce about respite care.     A Second Pair of Hands Early on, Louise Bruce, a "doer," didn't see that having a child with special needs meant having obstacles, and so she kept "bulldozing" ahead, staying active as she always had been. At some point... more

Should You Hire Family Members As Caregivers?

What the research says about family caregiving, including pros, cons, rights and reimbursements.     Your six months of maternity leave are over and you have to go back to work. The thought of leaving your baby is painful, but you are looking forward to the adult interaction and stimulation... more

5 Tips For Enjoying Family Gatherings

Whether you love getting together with relatives or can't stand it, here is helpful advice for surviving the experience.As the winter holidays approach, you may find yourself eagerly anticipating being reunited with your far-flung sibs for a few days...or then again, perhaps you find yourself dreading Sue... more