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Rochelle Stewart Rubino's Activity

101 Great Teacher Appreciation Gifts

When you want to show your child's teacher a little extra love, teacher appreciation gifts can be just the ticket. Whether you go big or small, giving your kid's teacher a homemade or store-bought token of appreciation is a great way to show your thanks. When thinking about... more

Is A Postpartum Doula Right For You?

Postpartum doulas provide physical, practical and emotional support to new moms at home. Do you need one?You've just had a baby and spent a few days in the hospital under the care of doctors and nurses -- now it's time to take your bundle of joy home. That... more

Can A Nipple Shield Help You Breastfeed?

Moms whose babies struggle to latch on to the breast may find help with a nipple shield, but experts advise using one under professional supervision.Breastfeeding does not always come easy for every mother. Although you may envision the serene view of a baby quickly latching on moments after birth... more