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12 Nanny Job Benefits

Keep in mind these possible benefits when negotiating with your caregiver or your new employer. When you hire a new child care provider or accept a new child care job, there are lots of things to consider. Pay rate, schedule, responsibilities, etc. But you also need to consider benefits -- the little... more

What To Do If Your Child Doesn't Want A Tutor

6 common complaints from kids and how to address them.     Hiring a tutor to help your child is a common thing. But what happens when your child doesn't want a tutor? Adrianne Meldrum, a professional private tutor and author of The Tutor House blog, and Gaye Weintraub, a... more

Do You Need A New Tutor?

6 questions to ask before hiring a new tutor.     Your child has been seeing a tutor (either for a short time or for a while), and you're beginning to wonder if the tutoring sessions are as beneficial as they should be. James Mendelsohn, Ph.D., founder of... more

What To Bring To A Tutoring Session

Be prepared for the next tutoring session with these must-have supplies.     In order for the student to receive the maximum individual instruction they need to bring a few things to their tutoring sessions. Having a private tutor gives kids an opportunity for educational growth. Personal instruction catered to... more

5 Tutoring Challenges

Learn how to address these common issues when you get a tutoring job.     Each student comes to tutoring sessions with prior knowledge and skill sets. It's up to the tutor to find out what the student already knows and what skills need to be developed to meet... more