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Child Care And 2020: What The Candidates’ Plans Say

It took five debates for a moderator to finally ask the Democratic candidates about child care, an issue that hits voters’ hearts, homes and wallets. Why did it take so long — and why aren’t we hearing more about the differences in the candidates’ plans? As Americans head to the... more

Am I Paying A Fair Wage?

Finally, you’ve found the perfect nanny for your kids. You’ve gone through the interviews, run the background checks, called the references and you’re ready to make an offer. Before you draw up the contract, there’s one thing left to do — it’s time to talk numbers. But how do you... more

8 Simple Ideas For Managing Stress At Work And Home

Stress is rampant in modern America. In fact, anxiety disorders, which affect 40 million adults in the United States, are the country's most common form of mental illness, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.  Whatever personal and societal factors might contribute to this, psychologists and wellness... more

What Every Family Needs To Know About Ivanka Trump’s Child Care Plan

Breaking down the tax policy jargon to understand Ivanka Trump’s child care plan.   We’re just a few months into the Trump era, but already, first daughter Ivanka Trump has a signature issue: She has repeatedly declared her support for making child care more affordable. During her father’s presidential run... more

Hawaii Wants To Give Cash To Family Caregivers

With the Kapuna Caregivers Act, Hawaii is leading on innovative solutions to growing senior care needs.  Hawaii last week passed the Kapuna Caregivers Act, a first-of-its-kind piece of legislation that could provide the financial relief working caregivers need to care for aging loved ones without sacrificing their careers. The... more

The Secret To Simplifying Self-Care For Caregivers In 2018

Start 2018 right with professional benefits that fit you and your budget. Act now before Open Enrollment ends on December 15.   Spending less time at the office and more time working out. Reading more books and consuming less coffee, fake news or fill-in-the-blank. Getting more sleep and being less addicted... more

This Career Move Could Cost You $500,000

Does it pay to work? If you have kids – or if you’re even thinking about kids – then chances are you’ve asked yourself that question. Maybe you didn’t bring it up with your spouse or partner. Maybe you didn’t even say it out loud, but it’s a natural question... more

Movie Star Moms Need Nannies, Too

Recently, actress Zoe Saldana spoke about the cost of childcare as a working mom on location. Should Hollywood foot the bill? Putting her net worth aside, Patrick Ball the editor of our Workplace Solutions blog, feels there’s a bigger issue to discuss here – equality in the workplace.  When... more