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Democrats Introduce Plan To Address Cost Of Child Care

The Child Care for Working Families Act, a new proposal backed by 27 Senate Democrats, is an ambitious plan to address the quality, availability and cost of child care for American families. A year after a presidential election in which child care policy took center stage, Democrats have introduced a... more

Hawaii Wants To Give Cash To Family Caregivers

With the Kapuna Caregivers Act, Hawaii is leading on innovative solutions to growing senior care needs.  Hawaii last week passed the Kapuna Caregivers Act, a first-of-its-kind piece of legislation that could provide the financial relief working caregivers need to care for aging loved ones without sacrificing their careers. The... more

Is Ai A Key To Aging In Place?

A #BoldIdeas talk from the opening night of Aspen Spotlight Health imagines the role of augmented intelligence in companion care. IBM Watson may be best known as the ‘bot that twice bested Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings, but could IBM’s brand of augmented intelligence be coming to a home near you... more

Big Change To Trump Child Care Plan?

New approach could spell more relief for lower, middle income families. And other policy news that matters to America's working families.   Word out of Washington this week was that President Trump is pursuing a new approach to child care that could spell more relief for lower- and middle-income... more

How We'd All Benefit From An Investment In Child Care

New studies show that affordable child care provides an even bigger bang for our buck than we ever knew.  When it comes to child care, the United States is currently spending at roughly half the rate of most industrialized nations. A sharp new piece from the New York Times... more

Iron Workers' Riveting New Benefit: Paid Maternity Leave

Policy provides framework for supporting women and promoting more diversity in the trade.  Our latest reminder that family-friendly benefits are not, in fact, confined to Silicon Valley comes from an unlikely source: the Iron Workers union. At their conference earlier this year, the Iron Workers union and the Ironworker Management Progressive... more

Would You Fund A Friend's Maternity Leave?

I'll see your designer diaper bag and raise you a week of paid leave.  Parental leave in the United States is broke, and thousands of new parents aren’t waiting for government to fix it. Instead, they’re seeking crowdfunding help to subsidize unpaid parental leave. An ABC News video... more