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16 Famous Children's Books Fun Facts And Cool Finds

Whether you're reading with your kids or just getting nostalgic at the library, there's always something new to discover about these book classics."The Cat in the Hat," "Goodnight Moon" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar": you grew up reading these famous children's books and now there are... more

15 Tv Parents Who Are A Lot Like You

Find some parenting inspiration from these fun, funny and quirky TV parents, from your childhood to now!Sometimes life imitates art and you find parenting inspiration in unlikely places. These 15 TV parents from the last four decades come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing... more

25 Acts Of Animal Kindness For The Holidays

Here are 25 things you can do to support your furry friends during the holiday season!For many, the holiday season is a time to give back to family, friends and community. As you embrace the festive spirit and take the time to volunteer and help those in need, it... more

Airplane Checklist: Everything You Need When You're Flying With Kids

Stressed about flying with your kids? Follow these packing checklists to make sure you have everything you need. Imagine this: You're about to head off on a seven-day family vacation in Hawaii. How do you feel? Sure, you're super excited for some fun in the sun, but you... more

Dinosaur Love: 101 Things To Do With Your Budding Paleontologist

Crafts, Movies, Books and More to Foster the Dinosaur Love   They might have died out 60 million years ago, but dinosaurs still have a magic hold on many kids. Many parents and babysitters shy away from this topic because they feel that they don't know enough about dinosaurs... more

15 Female Role Models For Your Child You Can Feel Good About

These female role models are changing the world and breaking down barriersEvery day, children are inundated with the antics of actors, singers and reality television stars. While those people might be entertaining, their characters and actions are not always the type you'd like your children to emulate. Thankfully, there... more

7 Celebrity Siblings Who Will Inspire You To Have Another Child

It's more fun at the top with a sibling. These familial pairs (and trios!) prove it's always better together, especially in Hollywood.     It's been said that it's lonely at the top, but there are several sets of celebrity siblings in today's spotlight that... more

8 Easy Diy Dog Paw Print Art Projects

Here are 8 fun and easy ways to turn your dog's paw prints into treasured pieces of art for the whole family. As dog parents, it seems as though our lives revolve around constantly taking pictures of every little cute thing our dogs do. Is your puppy carrying a stick... more