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4 Pregnancy Exercises You Can Do At Home

Looking to stay in shape while pregnant? Prenatal fitness experts offer these 4 safe and effective exercises that will take you through your whole pregnancy.Are you looking for safe pregnancy exercises to do in the comfort of your home? If you're pregnant and want to keep moving -- but... more

Working Dogs That Are There For Your Family

There's a perfect working dog out there for your family, depending on your needs.A disability or service need puts a strain on any family, no matter how long you've been living with it. A working dog can alleviate stress and provide a new source of love and... more

5 Weird Ways To Induce Labor

Looking for ways to induce labor? You're not alone -- about 50 percent of women try alternative methods to get labor started, and they can get very creative.     When you first got pregnant, you probably worried about giving birth. As you near your due date, though, the idea... more

21 Of The Best Books For Toddlers

Reading to children gives them a big head start in life! Here are 21 of the best books for toddlers you're sure to love, too!Give your child a head start in life -- and have fun while you do it -- by picking up some of the best books for... more

22 Scottish Baby Names

From the Shetland Islands to Gretna Green, these Scottish baby names capture the spirit of your heritage.     For many parents, it's important to include a little family history when naming their child. Make sure your child always remembers where she came from by considering Scottish baby names... more

22 Celtic Baby Names

Welcoming a new baby? Celtic names are increasing in popularity. Here are 22 top picks!If you're expecting a baby and just can't get enough of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, you may be considering Celtic baby names. These names are increasing in popularity each year for many reasons... more

15 Nursing Accessories Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Have

While breastfeeding is natural, it's not always easy. The best nursing accessories are the ones that give you extra comfort, save you time and make every day a bit easier. If you have a new baby, you want to do everything you can to make nursing easier. "While moms... more

How To Choose A Manual Breast Pump

Choosing the best manual breast pump can be confusing when you're a new mom. Here are some tips to help you know what to look for!The benefits of breast milk are many -- as Pediatrics notes, it can help protect your baby from infections, and, according to Michigan State... more