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16 Kids' Typing Games

If you want to get your children excited about improving their typing skills, introduce them to some fun kids' typing games. There are many kids' typing games online that can help strengthen keyboarding skills and improve typing speed and accuracy. With a variety of different characters and scenarios, you're... more

15 Nursing Accessories Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Have

While breastfeeding is natural, it's not always easy. The best nursing accessories are the ones that give you extra comfort, save you time and make every day a bit easier. If you have a new baby, you want to do everything you can to make nursing easier. "While moms... more

5 Weird Ways To Induce Labor

Looking for ways to induce labor? You're not alone -- about 50 percent of women try alternative methods to get labor started, and they can get very creative.     When you first got pregnant, you probably worried about giving birth. As you near your due date, though, the idea... more

5-Year-Old Milestones: Is Your Child's Language Development On Track?

Is your child developmentally on track? Here are the major 5-year-old milestones in speech and language and how you can help your kid reach them.   Your 5-year-old has a lot to say! The year following the landmark fifth birthday is eventful, and you'll discover her speech and language... more

Language Development In Children: Is Your 4-Year-Old On Track?

As the parent of a 4-year-old, you may be wondering what typical language development looks like in children of this age. Find out some of the most important communication milestones for prekindergartners.   Four-year-olds are often a whirlwind of energy and curiosity, learning new words and concepts every day (and... more

14 Easy Crafts For Kids

Crafts for kids don't have to be difficult -- or require you to buy out a whole craft store. Check out these 14 crafts for kids! Whether it's a snow day or a too-hot-to-play-outside kind of day, easy crafts for kids are always in season -- and for good reason... more

28 Healthy Dinner Recipes For Kids

Sometimes the hardest part of cooking dinner is deciding what to make. Here are some great healthy dinner recipes for kids that will have even the pickiest of eaters saying, "More, please!"     Getting your children to eat isn't a problem -- getting them to eat foods that are healthy is... more