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9 Fall Meals For The Family -- Ready In 15 Minutes!

These fall meals can be on the table in 15 minutes and are sure to be family favorites.     As the summer ends and the weather turns cooler, the sight and scent of fall is everywhere. You're inspired to try out a few new fall meals, but you... more

The Ultimate Parenting Advice Cheat Sheet

Stumped on a tricky parenting situation? Here's some advice on how to handle 12 common parenting issues.Over the course of your child's life, you're going to encounter lots of tricky scenarios. At some point, you're probably going to wish that you had a mystical parenting... more

Awesome Gifts For Cat Lovers Who Have Everything

Stumped on what to give your cat-obsessed pal? Try these unique and wonderful gifts for cat lovers of all ages.You've got someone in your life who is obsessed with cats -- but she already has every cat supply she could ever need! If you're wondering what to buy... more

How To Potty Train: Parents Share Their Real-Life Solutions

Real-life parenting advice on how to potty train your child from parents who've been there!     Is it time to start thinking about potty training? You've read the books and magazines -- a few of the ideas on how to potty train look like they might work, but... more

Say What? Hilarious Kid Quotes About Sex And Dating

Children have no filter when it comes to the way they see things. These hilarious kid quotes about sex and dating will have you in stitches.Is there anything more precious (or maybe more horrifying) than a child's outlook on sex and dating? Kids are always saying funny things... more

How To Raise Good Kids: 6 Signs You Lucked Out With Your Child

Here are six signs that you've raised a compassionate, well-behaved and responsible child.There are lots of different factors involved in learning how to raise good kids. On the one hand, it's your job to instill your little one with a solid set of important core values. But... more

16 Things Dogs Teach Us About Life

Here are 16 life lessons you can learn from your pup!There are lots of things dogs teach us -- without any real effort on their part. They don't create lesson plans or vocabulary worksheets, but you can learn from your pet just by watching him interact with the world... more

20 Ways To Help A Friend With A Sick Pet

Does someone you care about have a sick pet? Here are 20 things you can do to help him! Does your friend have a sick puppy? If so, you've probably been racking your brain to come up with all the different ways you can help her get through this... more