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6 Ways To Get Hired By Companies

You can now be recruited by companies on -- here's what you need to know. Between the hours you spend searching and applying for open positions, finding a new job is exhausting. The trickiest part about the whole process is the competition. How do you stand apart from... more

New Year, New Profile, New Job

5 ways to refresh your profile and be ready for new jobs. Searching for a new job is a job in and of itself. And when using an online job platform like, it's crucial to be ready for businesses and families to contact you anytime. The new... more Interview Series: Mom-Stress Busters

5 moms share what they would do with 30 minutes of alone time.     The baby's screaming. The 3-year-old just tipped his spaghetti plate onto his head. The dirty dishes are a mile high. And the dog just peed on the rug. Does this scene sound familiar? Oh... more

8 Quick And Easy (And Spooky!) Halloween Treats

Ghosts, goblins and...Angry Birds - oh my! Once school gets back in session, kids' thoughts quickly turn to their next big day: Halloween. But we all know it's not just about the costume. It's the spooky sweets and terror-filled treats that set the mood! Whether you're hosting... more Interview Series: Top 5 Recycled Craft Ideas!

Get inspired by these easy craft ideas for kids -- using recycled products.     Don't just recycle, upcycle! As parents and nannies, we are always on the lookout for awesome craft ideas to do with the kids, but wouldn't it be great if they were earth-friendly too? We... more Interview Series: Daddy Survival 101

5 tips from top daddy bloggers on raising great kids -- and enjoying every minute of it. Late night feedings, sleepless nights and diaper mishaps aren't just part of mom's world -- they are part of dad's too. As a recent survey shows, 77% of women say... more Interview Series: Secrets To Back To School Success

5 tips to get organized and prepped for the first day. Some of us count down the days until that first bell rings; some of us long for a few extra days of summer. Whatever your approach to the first day of school, don't let it catch you off... more

Video: Tantrums? Just Walk Away

See how Jill Smokler keeps it scary as part of the Interview Series. Jill Smokler has never been afraid of confessing her deepest and darkest parenting blunders (and triumphs for that matter!). As part of the Interview Series, we... more