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The Best Part-Time Jobs For Moms

Managing a family and a career can be a challenge, but part-time work could provide just the balance you need.         Finance If crunching numbers is your calling, becoming an accountant is a great option. Small businesses need accountants to prepare taxes, maintain financial records and offer... more

Easy Healthy Family Meals In A Snap

By the time you pick the kids up from soccer practice and swing by the dry cleaners, it's late and the kids are starving. You can still serve them easy healthy family meals in record time with these prep-ahead tips.     If you want to cook easy healthy... more

7 Tips To Throw A Super Slumber Party

Your kids are excited to have their friends sleep over, but you're exhausted just thinking about rowdy kids being up all night. Here's how to make slumber parties a dream for you and your kiddos. Does just thinking about having a gaggle of kids sleep over at your... more

Toddler Milestones: Cognitive Development From Age 2 To 3

It doesn't take long for your little one to start remembering things and making decisions based on previous experience. Here are the cognitive milestones she'll reach between ages 2 and 3.   You've heard of the terrible twos -- that period of toddler tantrums and turmoil. Did you... more

How To Have A Night Out -- Without The Guilt

Mommy guilt happens to every mom, but spending alone time with your partner is important. Here's how to put the guilt aside on your next night out. Feeling guilty about having "you time" away from your kids is perfectly natural. Heading to work, going to the gym or simply... more

5 Conversations A Working Mother Should Have With Her Boss

Work-life balance is every working parent's dream. Here's what you can say to your boss to get there.It's 5 p.m. and your work is almost complete. But without an ounce of guilt, you shut your computer, grab your purse and head out the door -- right... more