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This State Could Be The First In The Country To Ban Cat Declawing

State legislator is pushing to ban owners from declawing their cats unless it's medically necessary. A new law may make it illegal to declaw your feline friends -- that is, only if they live in New Jersey. The Associated Press reports that New Jersey would become the first state to officially... more

The Eraser Challenge: What It Is, And What You Need To Know

Thanks to social media, the ‘challenge’ of rubbing your arm with a rubber eraser is resurging in popularity. A prank that has been around for several years is seeing an increase in popularity on social media. The “eraser challenge” has kids rubbing a rubber eraser on their arm as they recite the alphabet... more

The 5 Best Dine-In Movie Theaters For Date Nights Around Denver

Combine dinner and a movie for a fun, inventive date night! Dinner and a movie is always a solid date night. But what if you’re in a time crunch and the babysitter can’t stay long enough for both activities? (Find one who can! Check out our listings for babysitters and... more

Yup, Preschoolers Get Stressed Out -- But Teachers Can Fix This

First-of-its-kind study discovered that teacher-child relationships have a huge impact on preschoolers' stress levels. Many parents find it extremely stressful to send their little ones off to preschool. But what about the children themselves? Does simply being in a classroom for the first time cause them stress -- even at such an early... more

Nearly 1 In 3 Low-Income Families Struggle To Afford Diapers

And here's how the White House plans to help them.A new report, issued by the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), found that one-third of low-income families are struggling to afford diapers. And for many families, this means making fewer diaper changes. One survey included in the CEA's... more

Dogs On Canned Food Diets May Have Increased Bpa Levels

Canned dog food may have serious health consequences for dogs – and their owners.Researchers have found that feeding your dog canned dog food, even for a short amount of time, can increase the BPA levels he has in his system.The University of Missouri recently published a study that found that the... more