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How To Make Plastic Lid Ladybugs

Even if you're a novice crafter, these plastic lid ladybugs are an easy hit with the little ones! And if you're like Amanda Formaro, who created these little love bugs, you'll jump at the challenge of turning something that was destined for the trash bin into something... more

How To Make A Recycled Tube Collage

Melissa Jordan, whose creative crafts abound in her blogThe Chocolate Muffin Tree, does more than just recycle her paper towel and toilet paper tubes. The former art teacher finds a way to make art out of just about anything in the house, and if you're looking for a fun... more

How To Make A Recycled Junk Mail Notebook

It seems that no matter how hard we try, junk always finds a way into our mailboxes. Even if you've had success stopping the junk mail, we still have bills that come in security envelopes and sometimes one inside another.  Crafting a Green World editor Becky Striepe, whose... more

How To Make Reusable Stickers

It's hard to resist those foam stickers from the art store shelves, but they hardly ever live up to expectations. The backings don't ever peel the way you want them to, they're difficult for little ones to handle, and they cost way more than they should. Check... more

How 2 Experts Say You Can Help Your Kids Beat Back-To-School Anxiety

As the summer draws to a close, many families are dealing with anxiety about going back to school — or in some cases, kids who are going to school for the first time. To better understand back-to-school anxiety, sat down with two anxiety experts, Drs. Laurie and Fred Zelinger, a... more

5 Tips For Handling Separation Anxiety In School-Aged Children

"Mommy, don't go!!!!" The tears, the clinging to our legs, the pleading — we all know how separation anxiety works. It gives us anxiety just thinking about it. We spoke with Jean Mercer, developmental psychologist and author of the blog Child Myths, to find out the best ways to... more

How To Make Sweet Ghost Crisps

Hungry Happenings blogger turns simple ingredients into a spooky treat! Beth Jackson Klosterboer has a knack for bringing out the spooky factor in food. After all, her many creations have won prizes and been featured in Better Homes and Gardens' Top 10 Gross Halloween Recipes! Here, the Hungry Happenings blogger... more

5 Ways To Get Your Kids To Do Their Chores

Real moms share their ideas for getting kids to help around the house as part of the Interview Series Wondering how to get your kids to help out more around the house? We asked five bloggers how their kids handle chores in their family and what tasks are age-appropriate... more