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6 Holiday Recipes Both Kids And Adults Will Enjoy

The holidays are a wonderful time for family gatherings, fun traditions and great food. Every night of the week, most parents bend over backward to make sure our kids will eat dinner and enjoy it, but we definitely don't want to make chicken fingers and fries for a holiday dinner. We... more

I'm Having A Baby: Fears Going From 1 Kid To 2

Today, I want to introduce you to Melissa. A mom and remote-employee of, Melissa lives in New Hampshire and works as a teacher and coach as well as a content marketer for Now, she has big news: She is pregnant with her second baby. And of... more

5 Tips For Throwing Amazing Diy Birthday Parties

Real mom Gina Bell shares how to create a great birthday party without busting your budget When it comes to do-it-yourself birthday parties, Gina Bell takes hers to another level. Her blog, East Coast Mommy, chronicles her busy life as mommy to three young boys she had within 3 ˝ years... more Interview Series: 6 Tips For Dating As A Single Parent

Single moms weigh in on the most important things about balancing dating and single parenthood. Dating's hard enough when you're single -- but what about when you're a single parent? No doubt having a little one in tow can raise the stakes, but it can also raise a... more

When Should You Give Your Child A Cell Phone?

4 tips from real moms on how to make this difficult parenting decision as part of the Interview Series.     They're everywhere. Now, it seems nearly every 'tween and teen out there has some kind of cell phone. According to a survey by Consumer Reports, nearly... more Interview Series: When Is It Ok To Quit?

Mom bloggers share the highs and lows of their experiences with quitting. Is it ever okay to quit? We all probably grew up hearing "Winners never quit, and quitters never win." Maybe some of our parents even said it to us growing up, as we came up against challenges that... more Interview Series: You Count

8 women share how they build kids' confidence as part of the Interview Series.     How do you teach confidence? Every parent wants their child to be strong and brave, to stand up for themselves, and to be happy with who they are. But it's a... more