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Help Your Senior Pet Live His Golden Years In Style

  You and your furbaby have enjoyed ten glorious years together.  You've watched her grow from a frisky little pup learning to potty train to learning to sit on command after snagging more than a handful of treats. Sure you've had your moments like when she ran... more

People And Their Pets: Do They Resemble One Another?

Eleven years ago I got a sweet, gentle, barely four-pound, three-month-old furbaby, a Shih Tzu I named Mellie. I chose her because when I saw her face, I felt an instant infatuation and deep seated connection. She was destined to live with me. Now looking back all these years later... more

Helping Your Four-Legged And Two-Legged Kids Bond

I always say my first child is my 9-year-old Shih Tzu. She was my first stab at raising another living thing who was completely and utterly helpless without me. She taught me patience, compromise and the power of selfless, unconditional love. And it seemed almost inconceivable to me that my... more

Treat Your Dog Like A Human Kid? Read This!

Despite my other misgivings, I am guilty of anthropomorphizing my 11-year-old Shih Tzu. At any given point during the day, you can find me cradling her in my arms like a newborn baby.  I also microwave her food and hand feed it.  While I draw the line when it... more

Things You Can Do To Keep Your Pet Young At Heart

When you think of your children, you make almost no distinction between your two-legged ones and four-legged ones. Unfortunately, our fur babies don't have the same life expectancy as our own human children. But with some vigilant attention to their diet and mental state, we can keep them with... more