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9 Solutions For Homework Challenges

When a child is struggling and needs homework help, what can parents do? The homework battles started for Beth and Mark Zink of Charlotte, N.C. when their daughter Zoe entered fourth grade and struggled with math. "Mark would try to help her and she would start glazing over and... more

7 Ways To Protect Your Child In Sports

With more and more kids getting hurt on the field, doctors share how parents and babysitters can protect young athletes in the making.Yippee! Your son made the pee-wee football team. Woo hoo! Your daughter is the basketball captain. But along with the fun of sports camaraderie and important physical... more

10 Ways To Help A Friend With Cancer

She's young. She's a mom. And now she has cancer. It doesn't seem fair. Here's how you can really help. Candace Williams says nothing can prepare you for when your doctor turns to you and says 'you have cancer.' Yet, that's precisely what happened to... more

Here's The Deal: 7 Super Savings Vacations For Military Families

Learn discounts for military families going to Disney, SeaWorld, Six Flags and other popular vacation destinations.Each year, some of the most popular family destinations and theme parks honor the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform by offering military specials that can range from discounts to free. Here... more

10 Tips For Caring For The Military Child

Whether you are the parent, grandparent, nanny or babysitter, learn how to protect and support your military child The relocations, parental deployments, and resulting disrupted relationships that are a part of military family life can foster maturity, resourcefulness and encourage independence among military children. The military lifestyle and culture however... more

Divorce Is On The Rise For Military Families: How Do We Help?

With frequent moves and long spans of time spent apart, military marriages face extra challenges.     Several years ago, Congress asked the Institute of Medicine to assess ways to help returning veterans readjust to civilian life. When the results of the two-year study were released in March 2010, there... more

The Modern Military Mom

How do today's military moms differ from those who raised them? Two spouses share their stories. David, Witt and Will Maxwell are only 10, 8 and 6, respectively. But, as legacies of both Annapolis and West Point, they have already decided on a career in the military. David plans... more

Caring For A Soldier's Pet

What happens to the pet of a deployed member of the military? One group came to the rescue of these furry friends. Major Randall G. Baucom was coping with a divorce and the death of his mother when his deployment to Iraq came up in 2006. He couldn't bear... more