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Mary O'Malley

Waltham, MA

Mary is a mama, writer, mindfulness facilitator and pre/postnatal movement specialist living in Los Angeles, California.

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You Don't Always Have To Share: Teaching Toddlers When It's Okay To Say "no"

Here's why toddlers have a hard time with sharing things, as well as suggestions for how to teach them when it’s OK to say "no." Since my daughter entered toddlerhood, we spend lots of time at our local parks. They’re so familiar to me that I can easily point out... more

How I Faced New Motherhood With Postpartum Depression

When the postpartum depression set in, I didn't know what hit me. This was not what I expected motherhood to feel like.  What Did I Do? I think it was about a month in when I sensed that something was wrong. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly; anyone will... more