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The 10 Perks Of Having Friends Who Don’t Have Kids

Sure, having mom-friends is an important part of any mom's survival toolkit, but so is having friends who don’t have kids. Here's why. Of course, every mom needs friends who are in the parenthood trenches with her: you know, the comrades-in-arms who, too, are knee-deep in diaper cream, Tooth... more

How To Keep Your Kids From Getting Sick

Here's a list of mom-tested tips for keeping the whole family healthy and happy. A big concern for parents any time of year is how to protect their kids from contagious illnesses going around schools, as well as other problems, such as lice. Prevention is key and, luckily, there... more

Snow Day Fails: Confessions Every Mom Could Make

From crafts gone wrong to board game tantrums, parents know the pain of failed attempts to distract their kids when school is cancelled. The weather outside is frightful, and being trapped inside with kids on a snow day is absolutely not delightful. So, in an effort to keep your kids... more

6 Things You Can't Say To Other Parents (But Wish You Could)

Oh, you want to say them. YOU REALLY WANT TO. A surprising amount of your time as a parent is spent biting your tongue while crossing paths with other parents. Sure, you all have your own parenting style -- there is nothing wrong with that, and you should support each another... more