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Paper Airplanes For Kids: Beyond The Basics

Take paper airplanes to a whole new level with pointers from the pros and airplanes to make and fly.Paper airplanes for kids are a timeless classic. Even in this day of video games and 3-D printers, there's something about taking a flat piece of paper and turning it... more

9 Quick And Easy Dinner Recipes: Make Your Own Takeout Tonight

Try these quick and easy dinner recipes -- making your own takeout at home gives you total control over all the ingredients, from spice level to allergens.     Relying on quick and easy dinner recipes often means making the same dishes over and over again. It's easy to get... more

35 Duct Tape Crafts For Kids: Crafts, Decor And More

Duct tape crafts for kids can range from room upgrades to simple playroom toys. These 35 crafts will keep the family busy all year.Duct tape has been recognized for decades for its versatility, but now that rolls come in all kinds of sizes and styles you can really have... more

Easy Family Dinners That Are Gentle On The Cook And The Wallet

A little planning in the kitchen benefits your budget and brings easy family dinners to your table.     Maybe you love to cook, and maybe you hate it. Either way, there's never enough time and there's always a critic at the table. It's easy to fall... more

Pretend Play: An Important Part Of Literacy And Learning

Your little one's dramatic tales of dinosaurs and unicorns are fun to listen to (where does she come up with this stuff?), but pretend play is also helping her hone vital skills she'll need for school. Here's how to encourage your kid's creative side.You're... more