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9 Out-Of-The Box Mother's Day Gifts For Pet Moms

Trying to find the perfect Mother's Day gifts for the pet moms in your life? We’ve got you covered with some simple and creative gift ideas!   Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so many of us are in brainstorm mode as we try to come up with ways to honor... more

10 Perks Of Having Siblings Close In Age

Here are 10 great things about having kids who are only a year or two apart! Though it can certainly be a challenge to care for more than one young child at a time, there are many perks to having kids who are only a year or two apart. In... more

Lighthouse Parenting: Is It Right For You And Your Kids?

There are 'tiger moms' and 'helicopter parents,' so what's 'lighthouse parenting'? Here's everything you need to know about this new style. Maybe you've heard about the "lighthouse" approach to parenting from other moms and dads on the playground, or maybe you saw it somewhere online mixed in... more

Being Pregnant: 10 Things You Will (And Won't) Miss

Pregnancy is a time of expectation and joy, but it can also be a huge challenge. Here's what you will and won't miss about being pregnant! Being pregnant is an exciting -- but exhausting -- time in your life. While you'll miss some aspects of it, you'll be... more

Dog Mad At Owner: A Humorous Journey Through 10 Photos

You've all seen a dog mad at her owner for stopping her fun but these dogs were captured on camera expressing their angry feelings for all to see!.You see joyous, good-natured dogs all the time -- and all over the Internet. But sometimes you spot a dog that has... more

Pet Lovers: 5 Couples Who Met Because Of Their Pets

People meet in all sorts of ways, but these couples have their pets to thank for their love connection!Pet lovers meet in the most surprising ways. These stories of love, and how pets can bring people together, will truly warm your heart: Dog PortraitDawn Maslar and her partner Ed... more

22 Pieces Of Advice To My Younger Self

You're older and wiser now that you're a mom or dad. So what advice would you give to your younger self if you could? Parents share their thoughts.You've lived a bit and learned a lot. Your perspective is now colored by becoming a parent and seeing... more