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Is Benadryl For Dogs Safe?

Did you know that Benadryl can ease your dog's allergy symptoms, too? Here's an overview on Benadryl for dogs. Do you suffer from allergies? If so, you may have found that Benadryl works wonders in easing your allergy symptoms. But did you know that this medication can help... more

How To Help Your Scared Dog Overcome His Fears

Is your dog scared of thunderstorms, loud noises or strange people? Here are 4 things you can do to help your pet overcome these common fears. Imagine that your sweet dog is relaxing at your feet as you settle in to watch your favorite TV show. Just as the show... more

Why Is My Dog Drooling So Much?

Does your dog tend to leave a pool of drool in his path? Here's everything you need to know about this slobbery behavior! Just the thought of doughnuts makes the beloved TV character Homer Simpson drool. And your dog likely drools when he's presented with his favorite foods... more

Kitten Diarrhea: Causes And Treatment

Is your kitten suffering from diarrhea? Here's an overview on 5 potential causes and different treatment options. Is your kitten suffering from diarrhea? This messy situation can put a damper on a fun day together -- not to mention make for a smelly litter box for you or the cat... more

Cynophobia: When Your Kid Is Scared Of Dogs

How to help your child get over cynophobia, a fear of dogsYou always envisioned family life to include a dog, but your child is afraid of them. Don't worry -- being scared of dogs, technically called cynophobia, is a common fear among children and one they can overcome. But how... more