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8 Tips For Working With Highly Involved Parents

One of the toughest challenges nannies or sitters face is navigating their relationship with highly involved parents. A highly involved parent is someone who may check in constantly to see what you’re doing with the child, ask for a play-by-play of the day or even limit the types of activities... more

6 Tips For Being A Great After-School Sitter

If you’re considering finding a gig as an after-school sitter, it’s important not to underestimate the amount of work a role like this requires. Not only are you picking kids up from school and getting them home safely, but you’re often the snack prepper, homework helper, activity chauffeur and playmate... more

Is An After-School Child Care Job Right For You?

Enter a caption... With so many busy working parents out there, there is a real need for after-school child care. This type of care can fill the several hour time gap between school getting out and parent(s) getting off work. Turns out, it can also provide a great job... more

How Much Should I Charge For An After-School Child Care Gig?

Before you head into an interview for an after-school nanny or babysitter job, it's important to put some time and research into pay rates. The more you know about the going rates for your area and the job at hand, the better off you'll be when it's time to negotiate on... more

9 Apps To Make Work Life Easier For Nannies And Sitters

From tracking nap schedules and organizing playtime to prepping lunches, you’re accustomed to multitasking as a nanny or babysitter. Luckily, new technology can make your job a lot easier, especially if you have a smartphone. “It doesn’t matter what age the kids are,” says Rachelle Gershkovich, sleep coach and... more

6 Important Steps To Becoming A Professional Nanny

Nannying is an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding job, but it’s not easy work by any means. A nanny is someone who is patient and attentive, as well as committed to providing care for children of any age. Because of this, becoming a nanny is not a career you should dive... more

How To Provide Child Care While Parents Are Home And Make It Work

As a nanny or babysitter, you know that each family is different, as is every child. But when you’re hired for a position where one or both parents are home regularly, questions and challenges may arise. Whether a parent works from home, is a stay-at-home parent or is just occasionally... more