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32 Surprising Senior Discounts

Senior citizens can take advantage of these cost-saving discounts on clothes, food and lodging. If you're over the age of 50, you should start cashing in on the many senior discounts available. Many stores offer their senior shoppers some form of a deal, but it's often available only... more

How Often Do You Need A Housekeeper?

Do you need regular help around your home or just seasonal?     There never seems to be enough time to get everything done and it's often the household chores that slip behind. You may need some help from the pros. By hiring a housekeeper, you can cut down... more

Get The Most Out Of Spring Cleaning

It's time for your annual spring clean up. Here are 8 tips on how to clean more efficiently and effectively.     Spring cleaning season is here again. Hurray! (Or groan.) Whether you love doing away with winter cobwebs or you cringe at the sight of a feather duster... more

Make Valentine's Day Special For The Whole Family

Ideas for fun and family-friendly Valentine's Day plans. While February 14thmay bring up visions of a romantic dinner date and flowers with a significant other, parents know this holiday can be about the entire family. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy time together and show how much you... more

Tricks To Get Kids To Do Yard Work

Caring for your yard is a year-round process. Use these tips to turn your kids into willing helpers!     As adults, we understand that yard work is a necessary (and frequently unpleasant) chore associated with home ownership. But to children, it can be a fun adventure. The challenge is... more

Great Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

Give your son a birthday he'll remember with these party ideas. When it comes to little boys and birthdays, anything loud -- with options for running, climbing, playing and laughing -- is sure to be a hit! These three boy birthday themes are not only a blast, but can also be... more

10 Fall Yard Work Tasks

Prepare your lawn, garden beds and plants for the upcoming cold with this checklist. Take advantage of the mild fall weather to tackle some landscaping tasks that need to be finished before winter arrives. By completing these chores now, you will be able to jump right in when spring arrives... more

Great Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Make this year the best birthday celebration yet. It's a good thing birthdays only come once a year; it takes so much stress, time and money to throw your growing baby a bash that you need a whole year to recover! Use these ideas when organizing your daughter's... more