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Workers Comp: An Often Overlooked Aspect Of Household Employment

Workers' compensation insurance is a unique part of the household employment hiring checklist. It's not tied to the payroll and tax process, but can have a dramatic impact on a family's finances. The following incident is a prime example of why families need to inquire about workers' compensation... more

Budgeting For Around-The-Clock Care And Sleep Time

In the nanny and senior care world, it's common for families to need their caregiver to work long shifts from time to time. Whether it's watching the kids for a whole weekend while Mom and Dad are out of town or taking an around-the-clock shift as part of... more

Banking Your Babysitter's Or Nanny's Hours - Why It Does Not Pay Off

The Lawson family wanted to take an impromptu vacation after Mr. Lawson received a promotion. The family scrambled plans together and organized a five day reprieve from work and responsibility. The best part of the trip for Mr. and Mrs. Lawson would be the opportunity to take their first vacation... more

Tax Rules For A Holiday Bonus

Just like many other professions, the holiday season is a common time of the year for families to reward their household employee with a bonus. And since your employee is probably buying gifts for family and friends, the timing works out very well for her. During this time of the... more

How A Nannyshare Can Make Quality Child Care Affordable

Hiring a full-time, experienced nanny to provide exceptional care for your children can be a daunting expense, especially for first-time household employers. Not only do you have to budget for the nanny’s wages, but also your employer taxes (Social Security, Medicare, state unemployment, etc.). But if you partner up with... more

Summer Nanny Tax Breaks

Considering a summer nanny?  If so, you may be pleasantly surprised at the tax consequences.  Most families with summer nannies (or any temporary or part-time caregiver) find that their tax breaks are greater than their tax costs -- so they actually come out ahead financially by putting their caregiver... more

Child And Dependent Care Tax Credit: What Families Need To Know About Filing

Families can cut their child care costs by hundreds with this simple tax break. Families that have care-related expenses for qualified dependents are able to file for the federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit on Form 2441. This tax credit can save families hundreds of dollars each year and is... more