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8 Ideas For Pet-Centered Cards And Announcements

Does your pet have a special place in your family? Make your cards and announcements pet-centered this year with these great ideas!Secure your spot on your loved one's refrigerator with pet-centered holiday cards, announcements and invitations!Instead of leaving your pets out in the cold, try out some... more

Caught On Camera: Misbehaving Dogs!

Check out these 10 hilarious photos of dogs getting themselves into trouble!Is your canine companion always getting himself into hilarious situations? Perhaps he has a knack for getting a bucket stuck on his head or maybe he once managed to make his way into the red food dye. No... more

9 Domesticated Unusual Pets: Which One Is Right For You?

Interested in the unusual? Learn the facts about these domesticated pets before you bring one home!Just imagine it -- you invite your friends over for dinner, and when you open the door, they're greeted by a skunk, sugar glider or bearded dragon! Although it can seem exciting and cool... more

101 Unique Birthday Party Themes For Kids

Tired of using a canned birthday party theme for your child? This year, try one of these birthday party themes that she will never forget! Feeling lost when trying to plan your child's birthday party? You're definitely not alone! Although you might find a few moms in the... more

101 Awesome Activities For Kids Ages 5 To 8

Do you struggle with thinking of fun activities to keep your child entertained on the weekends and after school? You're not alone! It can certainly be difficult to come up with unique activities for kids. And although it might be easy to just pop in a movie or allow... more

101 Exciting Things To Do With Kids Aged 9-12

Every parent dreads hearing those two little words that tweens tend to repeat ad nauseam: "I'm bored!" Finding things to do with kids ages 9 to 12, however, can curtail these boredom woes. Many children in this age bracket will head straight for their tablets, phones or computers when... more

17 Year-Round Family Tradition Ideas For Family Bonding

Want to really bond your family together? Create a family tradition that your children will remember their whole lives!Soccer games, tight deadlines, parent-teacher conferences -- let's face it, it's super easy to let day-to-day activities and work get in the way of meaningful moments.This year, make a... more

Which Favorite Children's Books Fit Your Parenting Style?

Are you looking for a children's book that speaks to the way you parent? Here are 11 beloved titles to choose from!As a mom, you may love to cuddle up with your little one and read a story out loud. But with so many great children's books... more