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101 Awesome Activities For Kids Ages 5 To 8

Do you struggle with thinking of fun activities to keep your child entertained on the weekends and after school? You're not alone! It can certainly be difficult to come up with unique activities for kids. And although it might be easy to just pop in a movie or allow... more

Babysitter Courses You Should Know About When Hiring A Sitter

You want to ensure your little one is in good hands when you go out for the day or an evening. Here are some classes that prepare sitters to take charge with confidence! When you hire a babysitter, you want to feel secure that your sitter is confident and comfortable... more

25 Great Educational Websites For Kids

Top 25 educational websites for kids that you can feel great about letting your children use! It's an issue shared by parents and child care providers alike: Your child wants some iPad time, but do you want her spending that time racing motorcycles or sharpening her virtual makeover skills... more

Your Easy Guide To Puppy Shots

Stay on top of your puppy's vaccination schedule! Here's a list of all the necessary shots and when your pup should get them. When you have a new puppy to cuddle, love, and take care of, you've got your hands full! There's so much to do... more

The Worst Human Food For Dogs

Ingesting certain foods can spell disaster for a pup. If you aren't sure what table scraps you can safely give your dog, check out this list of the worst human food for dogs. Know what foods dogs should avoid so you don't put your best friend at risk... more

4 Fabulous Tissue Paper Crafts You'll Actually Want To Keep

Create these super cute tissue paper crafts with your little ones!     Even though you might love making all of those tissue paper crafts with your children, they usually end up in the trash because they become torn or damaged or (let's face it) simply don't make... more

101 Unique Birthday Party Themes For Kids

Tired of using a canned birthday party theme for your child? This year, try one of these birthday party themes that she will never forget! Feeling lost when trying to plan your child's birthday party? You're definitely not alone! Although you might find a few moms in the... more

Cat Love Bites: A Unique Form Of Communication

Does your cat ever give you a little nibble or your arm or leg during a moment of affection? If so, you shouldn't be concerned by this seemingly strange behavior. Your furry friend might actually be giving you a love bite! Although your cat usually shows affection by purring... more