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Different Parenting Styles In Different Countries

Other cultures may have the answer to your parenting questions. Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs you'll ever have. And kids don't come with a manual! Instead, many new parents turn to other parents for advice. But look beyond your local moms group and even beyond... more

8 Tips For Writing A Must-Read Profile

Fill in the bio section of your profile with information that will land you a job. The bio section of your profile on can be your biggest selling point -- or end up costing you a job. But when you sit down to fill it in, it... more

7 Free Tutoring Options

Get your kids the help they need, without spending a dime.     All children learn in different ways. Some are hands-on, while others are more instruction-inclined. A one-on-one or group tutoring session can make the difference between As and Bs on the next report card. There's absolutely no... more

7 Ways Companies Can Help Working Moms

Real moms share how employers can make their lives better.Being a mother is the hardest job you can have, but being a working mother, particularly in today's society, is that much harder.Trisha Parker is the owner of Peaceful Solutions Massage Therapy & Spa in Montgomery, Ala., which... more

10 Helpful Autism Resources

These notable organizations for autism help kids with special needs and their families.Did you know that April is National Autism Awareness Month? It's a great time to learn more about this disability and the families it affects.Autism is a developmental disorder that affects roughly one in 88... more

7 Ways To Support Senior Veterans

Show aging military veterans how much you care with these tips. Veterans pledged their loyalty to our country by serving in the military and fighting for America's freedom. Whether it's a family member, friend or complete stranger, senior veterans are especially in need of support as their health... more

20 Discounts For Veterans

Learn how retired military members and their families can save money with these special offers. Veterans deserve to be praised for their years of service to our country -- a selfless, admirable feat that should never go unnoticed. And not only on Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Businesses know this and... more

Show Your Nanny You Care

12 ways to say thanks to a special nanny -- during National Nanny Recognition Week and the rest of the year. A nanny's role is crucial to holding a family together. Not only is she the main child care provider during the day -- and often at night -- but he or... more