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10 Diy Wall Art Ideas For Your Child's Masterpieces

Don't file away your favorite pieces of your child's artwork. Put them on display.Is the next Salvador Dali or Frida Kahlo creating masterpieces by the dozen in your kitchen?Here are 10 DIY wall art ideas on how to take your favorite artwork from the dark recesses... more

The Ultimate Dog Bucket List: 21 Things To Do With Your Best Friend

Try these dog bucket list ideas to create memories of a lifetime with your four-legged BFF.Time with our best buddies can seem all too fleeting -- one minute, he's a puppy and the next he's showing a little gray around the muzzle. But don't fret -- there's... more

Gifts For Dog Lovers: A Paws-Itively Perfect List Of 12 Unique Gifts

Have a hard-to-shop-for dog lover on your list? Here are 12 ideas for gifts they're sure to love.   We all know at least one person whose motto is "love me, love my dog," but finding gifts for dog lovers can be a challenge if you want to stretch... more

15 Celebrity Pets And The Stars Who Love Them

Stars love their animals just like you! Peruse this list of some of your favorite Hollywood mainstays and their best friends.Celebrity pets might have monogrammed carriers and only the best of toys, but the stars want the same thing you do from your animals -- to cuddle up next to... more

5 Discipline Techniques For Babysitters That Work

How a babysitter can turn around a child's behavior with positive discipline techniques.     When your sitter is in charge, the kids can either be on their best behavior ... or their worst. What kind of discipline techniques can a babysitter use when the kids in her care just... more

Mastering Co-Ed Sibling Relationships With Your Kids

Co-ed sibling relationships can be complicated. Here's how parents can help smooth the waters and tips on how to create a bond between your children.Sibling relationships are tough, and spats between brothers and sisters can be especially epic. If it's not about who has the purple cup... more

How To Form The Ideal Modern Mom Squad

Here are a couple of different types of women that you should seek out for your mom squad!When you're a mom, it can be so easy to get all wrapped up in the minutiae of day-to-day life with your little ones. But you have to remember that being... more

Sitter Training: Kids With Asthma

Does your child suffer from asthma? Here's an overview on the types of information and training his sitter may need.     Do you have kids with asthma? If so, you know how scary it can be to watch your little one have an asthma attack. Though your child... more