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Pet Sitter Checklist: 5 Things You Can Delegate

Here are things you may not have considered asking your pet sitter to do.A pet sitter checklist can include the standards: walking your pet, feeding him and playing with him, cleaning up after him and of course, giving him a lot of love. But often, pet sitters are willing... more

Disciplining Other People's Kids: What Is The Rule?

Is it OK to discipline other people's kids? These parents and experts weigh in.Disciplining other people's kids is an issue that evokes strong opinions from parents, babysitters and psychologists alike. Here, folks weigh in on when it's OK and when it's not.A Mom's... more

Moms Share Their Friend Fails

These moms planned the best activities for their kids, until something went wrong.Friend fails can happen on any day, at any time. You organize what you thought was the perfect day for you, the kids and a few friends and then something goes awry. It all starts out nice... more

Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave: 7 Moms Tell All

Seven women tell the story of their first day back at the office.Are you worried about going back to work after maternity leave? While it can be difficult to leave your baby and get back into the swing of things at the office, it's important to try to... more

Holiday To Do List: 17 Ways Your Sitter Can Help

Get your holiday to do list done quickly with your caretaker's help.     The holiday to do list is getting longer and longer, and what with work, kids and the rest of life, you're wondering how you're going to get everything done. Use the resources at... more

The 3 Best 15-Minute Pregnancy Workouts

These 15-minute workouts will keep you healthy and strong throughout your pregnancy.Are you worried about whether or not it is safe to exercise during your pregnancy? Worry no more! There are certain types of pregnancy workouts that are not only safe but beneficial. In fact, "women who exercise regularly... more