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Jody Gastfriend is Vice President of Senior Care for She is a licensed clinical social worker with more than 30 years of experience in health care and business settings. In addition, Jody knows the challenges of family caregivers firsthand, having helped manage the care of her own father with dementia for more than a decade. Jody has published numerous articles about caregiving and aging in outlets such as,, Next Avenue, the Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Jody’s book, "My Parent's Keeper: The Guilt, Grief, Guesswork, and Unexpected Gifts of Caregiving," published by Yale University Press, is an essential guide to caring for aging and ailing family members.

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Having The Inheritance Talk With Parents Brings Both Sadness And Relief

  Several months ago my sister made a surprising suggestion: Let’s sit down with Mom and figure out how this whole inheritance thing is going to work. Awkward, right? As a senior care expert, I give out a lot of advice about proactive planning, but I’d avoided this one myself... more

We Are Not Our Parents’ Parent: Balancing Caring For An Aging Parent And Honoring Their Independence

I often refer to my 89-year-old mother as the Energizer Bunny.  She’s always on the go and is good at recharging her reservoir of energy. While her walking is limited, my mom still drives and enjoys running errands. On a recent trip to the supermarket, my mother encountered a... more

Want To Enjoy Old Age? This 90-Year-Old Has One Simple Trick, And Science Backs Her Up

As Bette Davis famously quipped, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” My mother knows this all too well. In a couple of months, she’ll turn 90 — making her part of one of the fastest-growing demographics in America. She lives independently in a retirement community and keeps busy going to cultural events and seeing... more

What Millennials Really Want To Know About Caregiving For Their Parents

Not long ago, I was invited to speak—virtually—to an audience that you wouldn’t normally think of when you think about aging: young professionals. And yet this group, just beginning the arc of their careers, turns out to be incredibly thoughtful and curious about what awaits them at the end of their careers... more

The Hidden Costs Of Alzheimer's Disease

When Rick could not remember where he kept his trusted toolbox, and then forgot his computer passwords, Sandy — Rick’s wife of 40 years — initially wasn’t alarmed. Sandy misplaced stuff all the time and who can remember all those passwords anyway? But over time the signs became more ominous... more

November “senior Sense”: When Siblings Share The Caregiving For An Aging Parent, Will It Be Welfare Or Warfare?

“It shouldn’t have to be this hard,” said Kelly, a 55-year-old woman caring for her 89-year-old father with Parkinson’s disease. “After all, my sister and I both love my father. Why can’t we agree on things?” Kelly wanted to respect her father’s wishes to remain in his home... more

What 'succession' And Sumner Redstone Can Teach Us About Planning Ahead For Senior Care

Many of us have read the titillating and tragic story of Sumner Redstone, the former executive chairman of Viacom, and the litigious financial power struggle that has embroiled his family. Redstone’s story was a key influence on the HBO hit series Succession, which involves a lot of money, a pugnacious media mogul... more

How To Care For A Parent Who Couldn't Care For You

When my friend Morgan began caring for her father, I remember being surprised. I didn’t know Morgan’s dad was even alive. She never spoke of him and I had assumed he had passed away years ago. Apparently Morgan’s dad had abandoned the family when Morgan was five, leaving her mother... more