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Type A Mom: How To Handle 6 Common Challenges

Here are some tips and tricks for tackling 6 challenges that Type A moms tend to face on a regular basis.If you're a Type A mom, you likely set super-high expectations for yourself and feel the urge to play the role of Superwoman on a daily basis. From... more

Things Parents Say To Kids That They Could Never Say At Work

"Did you wipe?" -- things parents say at home (and maybe wish they could say at work!).At some point, parents say something to their children that they just CAN'T believe they've said. Here are a handful of the things parents say at home that they could never say... more

What Your Dog Says About You: How His Breed Reflects Your Personality

Here's an overview of what 12 different breeds of dog say about their owners. Which one are you?Have you ever heard the theory that dog owners start to look like their pets after a while? Well, you and your furry friend may actually be similar in other ways... more

Weird Cat Behavior: 5 Anecdotes From Real Cat Owners

Cats do the darndest things. Check out these 5 strange real-life stories!If you're a cat owner, you know these mysterious creatures do the strangest things. From odd noises to chasing shadows, you never know what to expect when it comes to cats. But isn't that part of... more

Things I Will Do For My Dog

How far will loving dog owners go to make their dogs happy?Some pet parents go to great lengths to make their dogs happy. Sure, you might get your pup some great chew toys or let her sleep on your bed, but are you taking her on vacation and buying... more

How To Get Your Puppy Sleeping Through The Night

Learn to sleep through the night with your new pup without her waking you up!You've brought home your new puppy -- congratulations on the newest member of your family! Puppies are adorable and lots of fun, but they also require some work, especially when it comes to getting your... more

15 Great Toys For 10-Year-Old Boys

How do you know they're great? Some 10-year-old boys say so!Are you looking for some fun toys for your tween son? When looking for games, Kim Vandenbroucke, game reviewer at The Game Aisle, a toy industry blog, recommends finding one "with an engaging theme that will entice boys... more

17 Of The Best Books For Girls

Here are 17 great books for your daughter to read -- or for you to read with her.Do you have a little girl who loves to read, or one who's just starting to learn to read? There are so many books out there today that appeal to girls of... more