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Booster Seat Age And Weight Guidelines

Staying safe in the car requires the use of booster seats. Here's how to use them safely.After your child has been in a forward-facing car seat for a few years, you may be wondering when he can graduate to a booster seat. Safety always comes first when riding... more

A Family Guide To Car Seat Rental

Here's what you need to know if you have to rent a car seat on the road.Once you have kids, travel gets a lot more complicated. You can no longer just hop in a car in a new location -- now everyone must be belted into the proper safety... more

9 Quick Weeknight Meals

Need help getting dinner on the table before 9 p.m.? Try these recipes for quick weeknight meals, guaranteed to have supper ready in 30 minutes or less.     It's the end of a busy Thursday and everyone is starving. Getting dinner on the table -- fast -- can seem like... more

3-Month-Old Baby Physical Milestones

Your newborn didn't have many deliberate movements, but your 3-month old baby sure does! Find out what changes in this short stage. When a newborn is placed in your arms, you realize just how small and vulnerable he is. His movements are jerky and unpredictable, and his facial expressions... more

5 Work Perks Of The Best Jobs For Moms

From telecommuting to unlimited sick days, here are the work benefits you should look for in a family-friendly company.As a working mom, you bounce from one job to another -- home, work, home, possibly work again. Your teams include established colleagues, CEOs -- and munchkins. And with all the demands you... more