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What Is A Part-Time Nanny? And Do You Need One?

Decide if a part-time sitter is right for your family. Whether she has to be fluent in Spanish or cook like an Iron Chef, every family has a list of "must-haves" for their new babysitter or nanny. What many families don't realize, however, is that they're often posting... more

14 Things People Forget When They Move

From hiring a new babysitter to color coding boxes, don't overlook these important must-do moving tips.     "Everyone in the family, the moving company, and the neighbors tried to help get our king-sized bed up the stairs," recalls Bonnie Hoffman, a West Hartford, Conn. mother of two, who... more

44 Easy Kid Crafts For Easter

Get inspired by these fun DIY Easter craft ideas that are simple and great for children.     Easter Sunday will be here before you know it. Start planning for the holiday and the arrival of the Easter bunny and the kickoff to the season of spring. We gathered our... more

10 Kid-Friendly Crafts For Passover

Celebrate the story of the Exodus with these fun DIY activities for kids.Passover is quickly approaching and you may be looking for some entertaining yet educational activities for every kid in your family.Whether it's preparing for the Pesach Seder with decorative Afikomen covers or trying some yummy... more

10 Easy And Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day Cards

Here are cute ideas for valentines that kids will love to make and hand out.Why buy pricey and boring Valentine's Day cards at the store, when you can spend a fun afternoon making them yourself? Here are our 10 favorite valentines that are just as fun to make... more

41 Easy Diy Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids

Celebrate February 14th with these simple kid-friendly craft ideas.The holiday season passed by much too quickly and now you find yourself left with cold weather and restless children. Luckily, Valentine's Day is almost here -- which means plenty of amazing crafts and recipes that are sure to keep kids... more